Gypsy Westwood-Photographer


FixSer has close ties with Ibiza and has worked with photographer Gypsy Westwood for many years on numerous projects. Her wedding photography website is, of course, all about photos and the memories they evoke. We were asked to revamp the website to improve the user experience, rejig the design, improve SEO and add more recent content.


The new website design was created together with the client who had a very clear idea of the look and design she wanted to achieve. This required daily conversations and live updates in order to ensure the clients vision was realised. The design is clean, minimal and simple with the bulk of the content in the form of wedding photos grouped in a user friendly navigation experience.


  • Mailchimp mailing list integration

  • Updated and upgraded theme and all plugins

  • Custom designed the website layout to a softer and more elegant aesthetic

  • Tweaked and troubleshooted daily requests live with client e.g. fonts weights, layouts, spacing to the millimetre

  • Assisted client in creating SEO friendly texts and updated all relevant SEO information site wide

  • Significantly improved the website’s Google ranking