Food journalist extraordinaire and all round good egg Tara Stevens has her very own website courtesy of FixSer. Her site tarastevens.co.uk is resplendent with mouth watering food images and includes magazine features written by her fair hand, showcasing her many culinary talents in a clean and hopefully accessible way.

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Design Stage is a Scenic & Event Design company owned by Adrian Smith, a Designer and Creative Director for Theatre, TV & Film, Live Events, Brand Experiences, Parties & Music Shows. Adrian wanted a portfolio style website to showcase his recent projects and job archives in image and text form.  Click image to visit site.

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An HTML site of voiceover artist Rob Paterson which although was originally designed by another (very nicely indeed), it required some extra love a little tweaks to maximise impact and refresh portfolio with recent audio/video/info. After uploading all locally adjusted files to the hosting server we're just putting the finishing touches to aboutrobertpaterson.com. 

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A music based blog where Bill Shakes is given the opportunity to breathe, listen and share via this purpose built Wordpress theme for electronic music lovers... The site also connects seamlessly to the Bill Shakes social network mesh.

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